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Bouse Elementary School

44936 Joshua Drive, Bouse AZ 85325 |

P: (928) 851-2213 |

F: (928) 851-2986

Choose Bouse Elementary School District

Bouse Elementary School students have the advantage of learning in small, multi-grade classrooms that provide the ultimate teacher-looping environment where students remain with the same teacher as they move through several grades. This setting mimics the one-room schoolhouse atmosphere and enables positive collaboration and growth in a caring, safe environment. At the same time, our teachers take advantage of the latest curriculum and technology-based learning experiences to provide a first-rate education that will prepare each student for success in the 21st century. With a hometown environment and leading-edge educational offerings, we truly have the best of both worlds here at Bouse.

Some of the great things you can expect include:

  • Plenty of opportunities for one-on-one and small-group instruction
  • Technology and hands-on learning integrated into engaging lesson plans
  • Caring teachers who get to know students on an individual basis and work to meet individual needs
  • Character-building projects and experiences where students learn respect, cooperation, and responsibility
  • Support from an outstanding group of teachers, administrators, parents, and community members

If you feel that our school system would be a good fit for your family, we encourage you to visit our Registration page to get started on the enrollment process. We’re thrilled to have you!