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Bouse Elementary School

44936 Joshua Drive, Bouse AZ 85325 |

P: (928) 851.2213 |

F: (928) 851.2986


Welcome to Bouse Elementary School District! Located in the census-designated area of Bouse in La Paz County, Arizona, we are a small-town district dedicated to providing a world-class education for students from preschool through 8th grade. Our administrators, teachers, and staff bring their extensive experience and passion to create an environment of safety, learning, and growth where every student can succeed.

We invite you to take some time to browse our website where you’ll find a wealth of information to make your time here worthwhile. If you’re new to the area or considering a move to La Paz County, we encourage you to start by reading about some of the benefits of sending your child to school here. And if you’re a community member, check out our News and Community pages to keep up on the latest things to do and see in Bouse and the surrounding areas.

A Message from Our Superintendent

Dear Family and Community Members,

We are now at the end of April and moving into May. These months have a lot of importance to the public education sector and the activities associated with school as we approach the end of the 2017-18 school year.

April is symbolic with the required standardized assessments that schools throughout the state of Arizona take. This assessment is the AzMERIT. This year, the school committed to taking these assessments online. These assessments include writing, reading, and mathematics. With only a few minor hiccups, the school has successfully completed assessing all its students. That would be 100% of the students in grades 3-8 who are eligible to take the AzMERIT exam. I was so proud of how our students are developing themselves with respect to using technology. A focus of ours next year is to continue enhancing our involvements with technology, and to bring ourselves to be a fully-operational Google school. By doing this, we will support our blended learning approach and make Bouse Elementary learning platforms accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

May is symbolic to the end of the school year as well with graduation/promotion activities that accompany these events. It will be a time of joy as we acknowledge our promoted students. It will also have some sadness as we move our 8th graders on to high school. This group has truly been a mainstay for Bouse Elementary School, and has set the bar high for the 7th graders as they transition into their leadership roles. I can’t say enough about the great work everyone has done in making this a fantastic school year. I am confident that the collective work of our staff, our parents, and members of our community have positively impacted our students. We have already noticed the rewards, and they will continue for years to come.  

Our graduation and promotion activities are the evening of May 24. I extend the invite for all community members to attend and acknowledge the great work of our entire team. We have made great growth in meeting the expectations of our community. We will continue to strive for this, and soon we will get 100% of that as well.

    Thank you everyone,

    Dr. Gregory T. Sackos

    Dr. Gregory T. Sackos