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Bouse Elementary School

44936 Joshua Drive, Bouse AZ 85325 |

P: (928) 851.2213 |

F: (928) 851.2986


Welcome to Bouse Elementary School District! Located in the census-designated area of Bouse in La Paz County, Arizona, we are a small-town district dedicated to providing a world-class education for students from preschool through 8th grade. Our administrators, teachers, and staff bring their extensive experience and passion to create an environment of safety, learning, and growth where every student can succeed.

We invite you to take some time to browse our website where you’ll find a wealth of information to make your time here worthwhile. If you’re new to the area or considering a move to La Paz County, we encourage you to start by reading about some of the benefits of sending your child to school here. And if you’re a community member, check out our News and Community pages to keep up on the latest things to do and see in Bouse and the surrounding areas.

A Message from Our Superintendent

Dear Family and Community Members,

First of all, I would like to wish you all a great upcoming winter break. This is an amazing time of year and provides an opportunity to reflect on this past year and to be thankful for the many great things we have to experience in our life. Our greatest mission is to work collectively together on the education and social development of our youth. Doing so will provide great rewards for years to come.

December is also a very important time for the Bouse Governing Board. During this time, they are to work on my evaluation as superintendent. This work is critical with the development of board and superintendent relationship. An effective evaluation process will ensure that the roles and responsibilities of the superintendent are being addressed. In completing this task, we are asking for input from all our stakeholders.  

Below is a link that allows you to participate in a very short survey that will provide feedback to the governing board in their work to effectively evaluate the superintendent and to provide appropriate areas to focus on in the upcoming months. We encourage you to take a moment and complete this short survey. Your name will be anonymous and your input is valued.

Thanks for your continuous work supporting our schools!


Dr. Gregory T. Sackos

Dr. Gregory T. Sackos